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A church in reverse.

The WithALL Congregation is a church in reverse - not grounded so much by belief, but rooted in a deep commitment to the spiritual practices of storytelling, justice making, lovingkindness, and community. We love God by walking with our neighbors, in community, seeking to practice Christ's way of radical inclusion and hospitality. We are a community of faith committed to cultivating well-being for ALL in Polk County, NC.  We believe that can happen when your heart, mind, soul, and strength align. We are co-laboring with a community of partners, neighbors, and cooperative parishes that walk together through tough times into times of healing. What this means practically, is you're invited to be at the table of well-being that we are cultivating together. There's always a place, whether or not you have ever experienced well-being in your life. The only expectation for being part of this community of well-being - whether you are our neighbor, a community partner, or a cooperative parish - is that you come willing to serve, share, and listen, as we are all God's children. Simply, we see the kingdom of God here and now, when well-being is cultivated and achieved for all our neighbors.

Jesus responded, "You must love the Lord your God WithALL your heart, WithALL your being, WithALL your strength, and WithALL your mind, and love your neighbor as yourself." 

- Luke 10:27

Join Us Sundays for Dinner Church  
5:30-6pm,  76 N Peak St, Columbus, NC 28722



Connection is never a problem from God’s side. It is our practices of connecting that make us vulnerable to the life-giving Grace of God. We connect with God through prayer, studying God’s still-speaking word in scripture, testimony, serving our neighbors, good old conversation and fellowship with one another, and a whole multitude of spiritual practices. We believe God is present everywhere and in everyone, we spend a lot of our time channeling God’s goodness from inside ourselves out into the space around us and into the hearts and souls of others. From this, we catch sight of the divine.


We are Co-Conspirators with the Spirit, walking in the way of Jesus. We are an Ecumenical Cooperative Parish, not defined by walls of a sanctuary or dogma, but rather our understanding of the spiritual practice of loving our neighbors. While rooted in the United Methodist tradition, we work with a greater community of ecumenical church partners and other organizations focused on maintaining our well-being.


Blooming is the mystery of cultivation. We work at it, do all we can (like planting, weeding, etc.) but it is a mystery that brings the flourishing life into being. Same for us, we cultivate our spiritual life and then it is grace that sees us bear the fruit of the Spirit in our lives. It is our delight to finally turn and see that we have bloomed into what God yearns for in us in this season. And then we begin again… “becoming comfortable with the love in our lives…” Simply put blooming is about becoming who we are gifted to be in the eyes of God and sharing that love in the world.


Get to know us.

WithALL is a new faith community, rooted in the progressive Christian tradition, springing up in Polk County. Our faith community is sponsored through the United Methodist Church, and intended to be a cooperative ministry supported by multiple congregations and denominations.


The Congregation.

That’s you - whether we are your primary congregation, or you connect with us through a cooperative faith community. Help us shape this community, how we worship, and how we live out our spiritual practices of well-being. Bring yourself, your story, your gifts. We all have something to share and something to learn.

We're building meaning, hope and love by Connecting, Collaborating, and Blooming with God

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